Just as the French are the least ostentatious people in the world, I too, hate over dramatising my life and its many ups and downs. There are few people I’ve shared this information with. Even now, it’s a little painful to have out in the open. There’s no better time than the present, and hiding the truth never helped anyone.

The sad truth is I didn’t make it to Paris for my Year Abroad. Instead, I’m spending the next few months helping run my father’s business and look after my family. Without sounding heartless and proud, I don’t want, or need, anyone’s sympathy. Big girls don’t cry. And neither do I. As frustrating as the situation might be for me, it’s pointless sitting around crying about something I can’t change. So I’m choosing to push my feelings to the side and carry on as positively as I can.

One of those positives is that even though I’m not in Paris, I still have a Parisienne inside of me. I am in love with the beautiful city, and more importantly, the fashion that comes with the relationship. lt’s a known fact that I pride myself on my sense of style. I also happen to be a dab hand with an eyeshadow brush. The City of Love has been a source of inspiration for me with regards to both beauty and fashion. Seeing as they play an important role in my life, and many people value my opinion- or at least I hope they do- I have decided to try and share my little tips and tricks.

And that’s what this is all about. Living like a Parisienne, no matter where in the world you are.

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