It has been several weeks now that Orgasm has been sitting in my basket. The cult classic, the blush that put NARS on the cosmetic radar of beauty bloggers and make-up fanatics alike. A little pricey perhaps, but it’s not uncommon with some of the more popular pieces on the market. I thought about it for a while, but eventually I pressed the ‘remove’ button. It was in favour of another cult classic; Guerlain’s Météorites de Perles, except this time, in the form of a blush.

The Météorites range has soared to fame since it was first released, promising the wearer a healthy complexion. Faithful followers will notice that the blush is a miniscule size in comparison to the classic collection, but they would do well to remember that all good things come in small packages. Less is more when it comes to Perles Blush, because of the pigmentation. Intense, yes, but a natural tinge. What Guerlain’s blush lacks in size, it makes up for in quality.

For those unfamiliar with Météorites, the product consists of little pearls that vary in both colour and size. In this particular case; they are girlish in appearance. It is a luxurious build up, with the words ‘fuschia’; ‘champagne’; and ‘rose petal pink’ woven into the description. Each colour has a unique quality, but if we ignore the dreamy details; what I am particularly partial to is how these various little pearls add a final flourish. The look is a natural glow that can be easily blended and toned to perfection, rather than a harsh cakey colour. Perhaps I’m in love, but I agree with the romantic who has penned that this blush leaves you radiant and positively angelic.

Unfortunately, there is one tiny little problem with this blush. I was left a tad disappointed with the packaging. I adore the vintage feel and the detailed little cherubs, but it somehow feels… cheap. For the £34.50 I paid, I expected more than just a cardboard box. It just doesn’t do justice for the wonders within. Not to mention, how does a flimsy piece of cardboard keep out heat and moisture? The inside of the box doesn’t get much better. Without a second lid to separate the pearls from the sponge applicator, it all just gets a little too messy. Be very wary not to apply the blush straight away or you’ll be sporting Pikachu cheeks. Dust off any excess first, or use a large fluffy brush instead (this does make blending easier too).

Regardless, I am very pleased with this sitting in my make-up bag- and on my cheeks! I love the natural, pink glow and the velvety violet scent, which is very addictive. It blends together nicely and sits perfectly on my skin. I tend to keep my blush light because of my fair skin. The word ‘rosy’ keeps springing to mind- it’s that good. If you can get past the packaging, then this limited edition masterpiece is well worth the splurge.