One of the first things I discovered about Paris this week is that despite it being a city, there are no shortages of gorgeously green spaces- or in other words; parks. One such park is the Jardin du Luxembourg. I lost count of the amount of times I actually walked past it! Luckily, I did get a lovely stroll around it.

As a small person, it’s very easy to feel even smaller in a lot of places and this place was huge! It was a very windy day but that didn’t take away the magic of the Jardin. The way the light fell was just perfect- hence why I’ve tried to keep my editing to a minimum- and I’m sure that if the trees had been full of leaves I would have fallen even more in love. As a perfectionist I adore the symmetry of the tree lined paths too. There is the perfect mix of open air and enclosed spaces- boredom just doesn’t seem possible here.

Something I was surprised by was how I enjoyed watching little groups of old men playing their games of chess. I learnt how the tables and pieces are provided for- and it seems like everyone takes very good care of it all! There was something oddly therapeutic about those few minutes watching clever old men battling it out on the chess board.

Then there’s the Sénat which sits in the Jardin. At first it meant nothing to me but I found out (in more eloquent words of course) that it was where the President has his office. My knowledge on politics might be limited but it was still very weird to think that François Hollande could be on the other side of the wall! And how very lucky he was to have his office in a much better place than mine!

A Parisian park is very different the ones I’ve been to here on English soil. Of course there were people out for jogs, people taking picnics and mothers with their babies… But there was a very different feel about the place. Even the teenagers seemed calm! No music blaring from phones at all! I loved the relaxing atmosphere and how the hustle of the city suddenly seemed so far away. If I had a Parisian man and a love life I think I would insist on romantic walks through the Jardin du Luxembourg!


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