Ladies and gentleman, it is official- brunch is the new dinner, just as cappuccinos are the new cosmopolitans. I think there is something very unique about brunch- and I’m not talking about how it’s early in the day. It’s a very intimate experience, especially when people aren’t morning birds like myself. To let someone see you when your caffeine levels are low and your tummy is rumbling at a relatively early time in the morning is a big deal!

I certainly was feeling the hunger, but as soon as my best friend Jess joined me at The Cosy Club there was far too much hugging and crying “I missed you so much” to worry about a little hunger pang. We both took our indecisiveness by the balls- pardon my French- and opted for the triple stacked buttermilk pancakes with fruit. As we both love a little treat, the creme fraiche was swapped for golden syrup. Abso-bloodly-lutely delicious! A rare occasion when this actually happens, but my plate was devoured in minutes. So much for taking the morning slowly!

Jess and I lounged about for a bit afterwards- after all, it is called The Cosy Club, and cosy it is indeed. I honestly think brunch with a good friend is such a nice way to start a Monday morning, or any morning really. Giggles are guaranteed- like when Jess reaches for the cocktail menu at ten in the morning in order for us to divulge our deep secrets about our love lives- and it puts such a big smile on your face for the rest of the day. It might be a little out the way, but The Cosy Club is a charming little place, with good food and a warm feeling. So, who’s up for brunch?








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