‘Where there is kindness, there is goodness. Where this is goodness, there is magic.’

Cinderella is one of my favourite Disney princesses. It’s a story full of hope, wonder and magic. Cinderella herself is such a kind character and maintains her pure heart despite all the hardship thrown at her. She continues to believe in her dreams and they do come true. It rather annoys me when people say it’s very anti-feminist. After all, she never asked for a prince! All Ella really wanted was a beautiful gown and a killer pair of heels. Clearly all you need to change your fortune is the right pair of shoes! As fate would have it however, Helena Bonham Carter can’t be Fairy Godmother to us all, which is why I have the next best thing.

MAC often team up with star studded folk to release limited edition collections of cosmetics; Disney’s Cinderella being the most recent. It sold out within a few minutes of release, but I was one of the lucky few to get my cinder-free fingers on the Royal Ball lipstick. It’s a creamy consistency; meaning it won’t dry or flake and glides on effortlessly. I find that it is a little frosty, but I blotted it out to find a gorgeously soft pink shade. I think it would be the ideal finishing flourishing to a very natural look. The soft blue hue of the packaging with the gold hints is simply beautiful too; capturing the ball gown Lily James wears in the film. It is such a beautiful little lipstick; I might just have to treat it like a glass slipper and display it on a red cushion!

Really, I am a princess in the making. Now all I need is a big, beautiful dress; glass slippers and a golden carriage. As for Prince Charming… does Richard Madden come free with this lipstick?



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