Here is a little statement that society will most likely not believe: I like my body. I have stretch marks where my thighs meet my hips. My body hair is more visible because of my skin tone. My thighs jiggle a little when I walk. My hair cannot be tamed without my trusty ghds. My stomach is not flat. I do not have a thigh gap. All that, and I still like my body.

I do not count calories- I count goodness. I try to eat as many good, wholesome foods as I can. Fruits and veggies don’t have to be boring; there’s so many wonderful ways to include them in every meal and I love experimenting. My diet used to consist of mainly processed junk food and I’ve cleaned it all up. Almost anyway, I still have a soft spot for chips and chocolate!

Extreme fitness regimes simply are not my style. I’m far more interested in the long term health benefits, and how my body looks to me. Cardio mixed up with a little resistance; thrown together with Zumba and HIIT keeps me on my toes and my body at its best. And if I miss a session? Well, no sweat!

It has taken me an appallingly long time to reach this coveted happy place. I have been on this incredible journey; from not being able to stand the sight of my body to parading around in front of a mirror admiring myself. I am not even the slightest bit ashamed to admit that. It’s only now, I realise that my motivation and peace with my body came from changing my mentality more than my physicality. This is the body that is going to carry me through life, so it’s high time I gave it the respect it deserves. I am not skinny, and I never will be skinny. I have curves and a little chubbiness about me- but that is absolutely fine. It’s about damn time I stopped trying to turn myself into something I’m not. Especially as I love the rewards of accepting my body for what it is and treating it well. I relish in how my skin is clear and my hair is soft because of a healthy diet. I love how I sleep better and wake up ready to tackle the day. I like to lose myself in my exercise because it clears my head. I feel toned, healthy and most importantly- happy.

I enjoy taking care of myself. Because you see, the statement that French women aren’t fat is a little misleading. French women just like to take care of themselves; whatever their body shape. Society can take its expectations and put them where the sun doesn’t shine. I do what I do, for me.

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