People say that the realest conversation you can ever have with someone is between midnight and the early hours of the morning. Or late hours of the night, depending on what sleeping habits you are a fan of. I think there is some truth in this statement, but I am more of the opinion that breakfast is the realest moment you can spend with someone.

Whether you choose to breakfast in the latest spot in town, or brew coffee and cuddle in bed with your lover, letting someone see you at that precise moment is somewhat beautiful. When your tummy is rumbling and there’s no caffeine pulsing through your veins. When you haven’t a scrap of make-up on and your morning rituals are yet to be completed. When you are far too busy stuffing toast in your mouth rather than nibbling like a lady and so your company has a silence which fills the air. When there’s morning stubble and alarms put to snooze. Letting someone see you in your most natural, vulnerable, human state, is a little special.

Happily for me, my most recent breakfast excursion was in the company of my best friend Jess. We had much to celebrate, with her graduation (congratulations!) and upcoming birthday, so a reservation was dully made at Bill’s. Bill’s is a wonderful little surprise. Despite being a chain, there’s something so warm and welcoming about it, I can’t help but pop in for breakfast on the regular. Their breakfasts are the stuff of dreams, so with my Hobbit nature (that is my height for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting tiny little me in person) in mind, we scoffed our poached eggs and then questioned: “What about second breakfast?” and slowly but surely polished off a plate of pancakes each. Oh and we both comfortably made our ways through big pots of steaming hot tea.

Of course, there is little that could compete with a wonderful and filling breakfast with a best friend, our forkfuls interspersed with the ongoings of our colourful lives; but there is something equally charming about oversized shirts and yes, instant coffee.