Arthur ‘Boy’ Capel. Part-time lover, full-time friend. Full of English charm, he was a tycoon of his time. Self-made money and a reputable man who served as a muse and a sponsor. It’s no wonder he holds an important position in the illustrious history of Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel.

It was through a mutual friend that their illicit affair began. Gabrielle, then, at the age of twenty-six, was mistress to Étienne Balsan, a French socialite. The acquaintance blossomed; Boy was smitten with her headstrong nature and love for controversy. He was a pillar of support and a supply of finances for her growing fashion business. In turn, she loved him through the books he had asked her to read, living through them following his death in a car accident. His absence left a longing, a reminiscence that she embodied in her eternally famous No.5 perfume.

Boy could only be portrayed in a passionate shade of red. Vibrant, like he was. A deep red, to symbolise love but also the cruelty of how he was snatched from her. Orange undertones, to reflect what each kept hidden. The perfect shade for a Parisienne, as it captures the very essence of life. The good and the bad. The ying and the yang. Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel and Arthur ‘Boy’ Capel.

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Faz wears Rouge Coco in Arthur

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