Take two! With the sunshine beaming down in London Town, I popped over to The Hoxton Holborn with Cocktail Cat for the second edition of The Blogger’s Market.

Bigger and better than last time, this particular Blogger’s Market was fuelled by Yo! Sushi, Krispy Kreme and Appletiser– naturally the first location I found myself heading to when Cocktail Cat disappeared. Sushi being her first port of call simply cemented the friendship we so successfully built on university shenanigans. Although her dislike of doughnuts certainly had me raise a perfectly shaped eyebrow. We both happily tucked into the Cucumber Maki, and I struggled to resist the scent of glazed doughnuts. Appletiser’s bite sized bottles added a burst of refreshment to our shopping; after an appropriate toast to our friendship of course.

Plucking up the courage to approach the likes of Carrie and Olivia was a first for me, as last time I chose to fangirl from a distance. Perhaps next time I will be even braver and ask for a cheeky selfie! It never ceases to amaze me how perfectly lovely they all are- despite the exhaustive hours and crowds of people, they somehow all managed to retain their picture perfect smiles. The sheer amount of clothing they had strewn across the room was just a tad reassuring that extensive wardrobe collections are an occupational hazard of being a girl as opposed to a genuine problem. And my, what collections to choose from! Each blogger had such different styles; there was something for everyone. From skyscraper heels to pink rucksacks, daisy yellow dresses to chic bikinis, Cocktail Cat and I were truly spoilt for choice.

It is no secret that I have an addiction to make-up products. So it was perfectly understandable that I found myself perched at the Benefit bar. While Cocktail Cat opted for a bold eye look, my artist went to town with the Cha Cha Tint in a lovely summery shade that not even soy sauce could budge.

Carrie, Dunya, Kristabel, Lucy and Olivia answered my wish for the perfect Saturday. What better way to enjoy the London summer than to be surrounded by Bloggers and girls alike, all brought together by the love of food, shopping and the chance to meet our favourite London five?












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