I must have coffee all days and always. It sponsors my Monday mornings and fuels my weekends spent coursing through the city streets. The perfect accompaniment to a good book and a rainy day; it’s iced twin an alternative when the sun is (rarely) beaming down. Of course, my close friends know of my dedication to the Mocha Italia blend of Costa Coffee, but it has never stopped me from entering independent cafes.

Stepping outside of London opens up the door to finding a whole host of local businesses, my most recent discovery being Brew Brothers in the northern town of Kendal. Chic enough to be part of London, I was drawn to the hustle of this little nook by the Instagram worthy interior. Shabby chic, industrial vibes and rustic undertones seem to populate most caffeine havens, and Brew Brothers was no different. Understandably busy on a Saturday morning, I ducked inside for a nose around and quick sample. I fell in love with the vibe and the array of treats on display. Had it been a little quieter, it would have been the perfect place to take a few moments to relax and bask in my own company.

As lovely as I consider the place to be, the coffee itself is not quite to my taste. Perhaps I am just a snob, but pouring foamed milk on top of an espresso does not make a Flat White.