London. The beautiful city I call my home. Even so, I find myself constantly drawn to the familiar landmarks and so-called tourist traps. I seem to have convinced myself that in a city where I was born and bred, it doesn’t count when I cart around my larger than life camera as I compensate with my speedy walking.

For the first time in what may be forever, my feet drastically slowed down, as I paced around the cobbled little pathways of Covent Garden. Vibrant and full of life; the past and present blend together perfectly here. It is rare that London can provide a breath of fresh air, but with the sun beaming down and moment to sit and stare into space, the 6am starts melted away. There are distinctly Parisian influences to this neat little square; I suppose this best explains why I return so often. Chanel, Dior and the Ladurée salon sit proudly at the forefront with their open doors inviting me in.

For two weeks now, another French native has added their influence to Covent Garden. The artist Charles Pétillon has suspended 100,000 white balloons in the illustrious interior of this famous market hall. Pure and impressive, they pulsate gently and calm the storm of tourists. It was hardly a surprise to see so many pause and take in something that under normal circumstances would feature somewhere like Unilad. Pétillon likens his creation as a representation of the area, as a reflection of part of London’s identity.

And indeed, it appeared that for once, even the tourists and even the Londoners stopped in their tracks. That is, until we all felt the need to Instagram the moment.