Oxford Street is a little gem of a place. At least, not directly. To me, it is unnaturally busy, even for a great city of London. I cannot stand weaving through the selfie sticks and slow walkers- I would never consider stepping foot there on a casual basis! However, the same cannot be said for the rabbit hole of little streets tucked away behind. Away from the hustle and bustle of avid TopShop fangirls and Selfridge’s searchers, are cobbled little walkways and quieter food hotspots. A perfect little break.

Early one morning, on a search for some well needed breakfast, I discovered the Curators Coffee Gallery. A hipster heaven, it featured everything you would expect a London coffee shop to. From cactus plants, to whitewashed wood and bearded baristas. Having said that, it was delightfully empty and free of wannabe triangles. Instead, the familiar customers slowly made their way in and out, and a business meeting was in action over croissants. I managed to bag myself a lovely little picnic table and despite the rain pouring down outside, a relaxing morning was in order.

As for the coffee, my inner snob was certainly pleased. Presented just as I expect a flat white to be, I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I enjoyed it. Although, I suspect the almond croissant that was the size of my head may also have had something to do with it…