I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22. So naturally, here are 22 things I learnt by my 22nd birthday.

1. It gets better. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but one day.

2. No guy is worth your tears. And the one who is, won’t make you cry.

3. Being alone does not mean you are lonely. Sometimes it’s important to have a little time for yourself. Learn to keep your own company.

4. Stop living your life through Facebook.

5. It costs nothing to be a good person, even to those who hurt you. Do the right thing for the sake of it being the right thing.

6. The smallest gestures often mean the most.

7. Be selfish once in a while too. No-one will look out for you the way you do.

8. If there is one thing you maintain in life, let it be your eyebrows.

9. You were beautiful long before he told you.

10. Do not forget to live. When you are old and grey, you want to look back at memories of a full and glorious life.

11. Eat well and exercise. It seems very trivial, but the power a healthy lifestyle wields is unparalleled.

12. Fuck it and have that cupcake at the end of the week. You deserve it.

13. A white shirt and smart black trousers will get you through every occasion.

14. Find a shade of lipstick that puts the fear of God in a man’s heart and lust in his veins. Hint: it’s red.

15. It is not your job to mediate your parents’ problems.

16. Friendship is a two way street; one person should not be making all the effort.

17. Gentlemen are rare. If you find one, don’t let him go.

18. If you keep saving things for a special occasion, they will never see the light of day.

19. Lectures are not for napping in.

20. It is not acceptable to put your boyfriend’s urges before your friendship.

21. Secrets don’t always stay secrets, so stop putting them online.

22. It’s okay to not know who you are or what you want right this minute. You’ll figure it out.