One of the most wonderful things in the world is to find someone you can be yourself with. That is, someone who can withstand your obsession of finding burger joints, independent coffee shops and exploring cities. Someone you can laugh with over a glass of wine, even in public with your ugly laugh that only your television screen should ever witness. Someone whose plate you can eat off and someone who will tell you when you have ketchup smeared over your face.

When the wind is blowing at one hundred miles an hour and Birmingham speeds through another day, it’s nice to take a break from the rest of the world. To hide away in a booth and pick your favourite words on the menu. A canal to look over as you share stories of your childhood holidays. Big film star bulbs that make you feel like you are somewhere special. While your umbrella dries off what can you do but cosy together and raise a toast to the basis of your friendship?

“Thank you for opening me up to new things, food and coffee that I wouldn’t normally try.” A compliment of the highest order. There’s something exciting about stepping into the unknown. In a new restaurant or café is where a foodie feels like a child in a toy shop. There’s something equally lovely about someone who accepts that wherever there is food, your camera will be close by.

Good thing too, as the food tastes just as good as it looks, even the vegetarian options. Luckily you both ordered sweet potato fries, but you share them all the same. Food, now that is how to truly bond with someone.

Of course it would be nice to ride off together into the sunset, but to share a plate of food just seems so much better.


Gas Street Social can be found at:
166-168 Wharfside Street

The Mailbox
B1 1RL