Here’s to the nights that turned into mornings with the friends that turned into family. The full-time friends that became part-time lovers. The philosophical conversations about political standings and the meaning of religion. The childhood memories amidst the endless exams. And then of course, the early mornings with empty bottles of wine and dancing shoes in hands.

It’s no secret that the start of summer signals parties a plenty, especially as a student. Whether it’s celebrating an essay deadline or the poor unfortunate souls still pulling all-nighters in the library, late nights and cocktails start to take their toll and there’s only so much that coffee can fix.

This is my Oh Shit Kit. For when the bags under your eyes are heavy as the ones you carry to the library. For when you stayed up a little too late last night waiting for him to text you back. For when you couldn’t sleep because you were stressed about finding a job. This is all you need.


When you feel hydrated it will most certainly show on your face. Of course you can chug a litre of water before work, but your skin needs a little something extra. This will brighten you up a tad and the zing perks you right up for that early morning lecture after a night on the town. Apply generously to a freshly washed face for some day long hydration without the grease factor.


The eyes give it all away, so a pair of sunglasses can lend a helping hand. But sometimes they don’t work for some godforsaken reason like your boss telling you it’s not work appropriate. This is the next best thing. Blend in under your eyes twice daily to soothe the delicate area. It won’t rub away your bags, but it will provide both moisture relief and a good base for any concealer.


Miles better than boing, which explains the almost empty pot. Truly one of the best concealers on the market, it’s heavy duty, but feels lightweight. And it even works under the eyes as well as on blemishes, making it perfect for some emergency handiwork. The trick is to dab it on rather then furiously blend in. Use your fingers or a small brush, and it will be as if last night never happened.


Eyes that venture between dry, sleepy and watery result in panda rings- the last thing you need when you already look like a mess. This is the perfect mascara for an everyday look; it will open your eyes just enough and will not budge, not even in an apocalypse. Good luck getting it off. Don’t forget the eyelash curler!


Your skin is a mess, so don’t you dare smother it in foundation. Sweep a powder over your face to give it a healthy flush and some space to breathe. (Although this was limited edition, there are plenty of others out there who’ll do the trick too).

If in doubt, buy a copy of Vogue and just hide behind it for the rest of your hangover. You’ll look chic at the very least.