“Far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise!”

She always wanted to be a princess. Jasmine was her favourite, but Cinderella gave her hope that a pair of shoes could change her life. Belle made her proud to be a bookworm and Snow White, well, perhaps she was more like one of her shorter counterparts.

There’s something about castles that is inherently fascinating. Looking out over the turrets and wondering what it must have been like to do that in a billowing ball gown. A now sunny courtyard that must have been muddy and strewn with knights practicing their swordsmanship. The dungeons that made you scream in horror as they played a practical joke. You walked out hiding in embarrassment behind a big strong man after that.

You find yourself lost in time. Exploring your way through history, on a Viking boat and in between barrels of gunpowder. A trench to pay respects to fallen soldiers and a sour look on your face when you are the heaviest on the witch scales.

And when you needed a good old fashioned tea break, you are British after all, you share a lunch in the most beautiful garden with peacocks strutting their stuff around you. There are moments of silence when not a word passes between you. But that’s not because you don’t have anything to say, but because you didn’t need to say anything.

Instead you listen to the tales of what’s happened between these walls. The many men and women who have passed through the gates. Those who have left their mark and those who threw extravagant parties- that family sounds the most fun for sure. You know you will never remember half the history, yet you’re with the biggest history geek of them all. Their memory will pick up your slack.

Of course, being a princess was only part of it. The biggest part of it. All you needed was a Prince Charming.

After all, dreams do come true. If they didn’t, then why would we have them?