There’s something wonderfully uplifting about purchasing make-up, isn’t there? Lipsticks are my guilty pleasure. Every time I see a pretty lipstick I just can’t help myself, especially if it’s a deep, sexy red or a bright, beautiful nude.

I think it rather explains why I am so drawn to Charlotte Tilbury. She shares the same ethos as myself when it comes to make-up. It’s a source of empowerment for the women (and men) who wear it. I love those precious few minutes in the morning I put aside for my beauty routine. In the midst of breakfast and a tube commute, that time is purely to focus on myself to do something that makes my day just that tiny little bit better. As for nights out, I am unashamed to admit I can spend hours in front of the mirror with an eyeshadow blending brush. Call it vanity or self-preservation, I am a firm believer in taking care of one’s appearance.

I remember the first Charlotte Tilbury lipstick I ever bought. It was from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G collection, wrapped in a rose gold tube that oozes glamour. A delightful nude shade as smooth as cashmere and aptly named Bitch Perfect. I think the name was the winning factor! I then moved on to the Magic Foundation, which is undoubtedly a miracle in a bottle. It washes over my oily complexion perfectly, lasting all day and erasing any blemishes. It’s light but allows for coverage; a little burst of freshness on the skin.

By this point, I was head-over-heels for Charlotte Tilbury, that chance would have it that I would get to meet Madame herself!

In the heart of Westfield London nestles a Beauty Wonderland awash with all the glamour and glitz of decades gone by. Plush velvet, dazzling lights and the most wonderful make-up artists one could ever hope to be assisted by. They wove their way through the queue, dusting us with Filmstar Bronze & Glow; leaving trails of A Scent of a Dream and lavishing us with Goddess Skin Clay Mask. Treats of candy canes and cookies were passed around, as we were serenaded by music. What better way to prepare for the makeover of a lifetime?


Where do I begin to describe Charlotte Tilbury? This incredible woman; who seems to glide through life on platform heels. Artist to the stars, she shared her vision of bringing the looks she creates for Hollywood to the everyday woman. She has made Kate Moss’ rock-chic look accessible for the single mum. Penelope Cruz’s smokey eye can be mastered by the law student. Kim Kardashian West’s flawless skin is a possibility for the London commuter. She went on to reveal the story behind her Magic Cream and why skin care is so important. Her passion for what she does really shone through, and whilst she has successfully commercialised her creations, she is far from the pushy sales company. It’s like chatting to an old friend, the way words like ‘fabulous’ and ‘darling’ ebb and flow in the conversation. And the truth is, while she certainly promotes herself and her products, you know that she really is an expert in her field.

As a woman who is on demand on the red carpet just as much as she is during Fashion Week, she understands the magic of make-up and the insecurities women may have. She knows how to make women beautiful, and we can scream and shout about how women shouldn’t have to wear make-up to feel beautiful, there’s no denying its power. It’s outrageously feminine, and certainly has a feel-good factor to it. When a woman feels good about herself, she displays her confidence and every task is done with just a little more jazz.

To her credit, not that she needs it, Charlotte is remarkable at what she does. The day she took one look at me and told me I was a sophisticated Dolce Vita is forever seared into my memory. I almost felt like a giggly schoolgirl when she told me I was gorgeous! (Sorry, bae!). A few minutes was all it took for her to prescribe me the Charlotte Tilbury treatment, and walking away with a personalised gift box and photograph really was the red lipstick to finish the look.

I ended up purchasing the Dolce Vita eyeshadow quad. After the artist showed me how to use it, I decided I really loved the look. Normally, I’m not one for glittery looks but there was something about the look I fell in love with. The Dolce Vita is versatile palette as it turns out- there’s a wonderful tutorial on YouTube where Charlotte creates a subtle day look and then a darker party look with the same shades. Having brown eyes can be a little dull sometimes, as I’m never sure if I’ve actually made them ‘pop’, but Dolce Vita is the perfect palette for exactly that.

Having sung Charlotte’s praises now, I think all that is left for me to do is go scope out my next purchase. I’m thinking a Matte Revolution lipstick…