“La mer
qu’on voit danser
le long des golfes clairs”

A sea foam blue box delivered to my door was a welcome sight on the gloomiest day in Britain. Charles Trenet’s melodious voice echoed through the house, and I walked through it as if treading on sand, my little blue box held aloft. Skies were stormy outside, but with my Glossybox, it was sunshine inside for me.

Like many La Mer admirers before me, I had been waiting for the all-important email that marked the early sale of this limited edition Glossybox. And with good reason! La Mer is possibly the most coveted skincare brand; the signature Miracle Broth creating quite the reputation. As it sits at the premium end of the price scale, this was an excellent way to sample the products without breaking the bank.

It’s no secret that packaging can make all the difference, and Glossybox x La Mer is a daydream. It’s quintessentially minimal, but with the assured touch of luxury. It was a real treat, unravelling the ribbon and unveiling the beauty within. The avid instagrammer in me was delighted at the sea-inspired colours. As I had just purchased a new camera, the Olympus PEN E-PL7, I can’t think of a better subject to have photographed first!

There are six products in total; a blend of the cult classics that brought La Mer its fame, and some of the newer additions. At an estimated value of £118, forking out a mere £40 for six of the best skincare products is an absolute bargain. It means I can sample a little of everything, and if my graduate salary allows, possibly purchase one or two of the one I like the most. The only problem is, after a week of using La Mer, I think I’m in love…

La Mer Cleansing Micellar Water…

I was very excited to try this product! Since Micellar Water has trickled down on to the high street, I’ve preferred it over make-up wipes. La Mer’s version is gloriously refreshing and removes every trace of make-up rather easily. Even my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner didn’t stand a chance! The scent was a little clinical, but other than that, I simply can’t fault La Mer’s Micellar Water.

La Mer Intensive Revitalising Mask…

Who doesn’t love the way their skin feels after a face mask? La Mer’s concoction is perfect for breathing life back into drab skin that’s in desperate need of some TLC. All it takes is eight minutes for skin that’s restored with suppleness. This product didn’t stand out for as much as some of the others, but I suppose that’s because of my oily skin, I prefer a mask that takes no nonsense from my pores.

The Revitalising Hydrating Serum…

This product is single-handedly responsible for my love affair with La Mer. As I mentioned before, I have incredibly oily skin. Finding a moisturiser that controls shine is a full-time job in itself. Murad has been keeping me happy, but then along came La Mer. I am going to need a higher salary because this is it. I have never seen my skin look so healthy and radiant, but also without a trace of shine… all day long. If you have oily skin, I recommend trying the Revitalising Hydrating Serum because it is a miracle worker!

The Treatment Lotion…

Moisture has never been much of an issue for me, but for those days when the weather had made my skin a little worse for wear, I found myself reaching for La Mer’s Treatment Lotion. It’s moisture packed into a tiny little bottle! You can expect radiance, all with even tone and improved texture. Just a few drops is all it takes!

The Eye Concentrate…

Courtesy of my job, I find myself staring at various screens for hours on end with not much snooze time, so I was intrigued to see what this product is all about. While I don’t think my eye contour needs too much TLC, the skin did look much healthier after using the Eye Concentrate and my concealer applied far better too.

Crème de La Mer –  The Moisturising Cream…

Ah yes, the Holy Grail. There’s very little I can say about this moisturiser that hasn’t been said before. All I will add is, it lives up to its reputation.





The verdict? I am well and truly in love with La Mer. I’m not normally a fan of subscription boxes, but I’m thrilled I forked out for this one! The premium price and celebrity status certainly makes sense, because their products do make that difference in my skin care routine. Of course, as with any product it is all about trial and error- there’s not always one solution that works for all. Except perhaps Crème de La Mer