We bloggers, we love our tags! I must admit, I got a little carried away with this one because I adore sharing my thoughts on all things beauty and make-up! The lovely Chloe from What Chloe Wrote nominated me to answer a few beauty mind bogglers.

Mes réponses…

What make-up product can’t you live without?

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Because my current favourite is Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara. It’s such a subtle way to make your eyes look wider and awake; it’s the first thing I reach for in the morning! I most definitely apply it to my lower lash too- I don’t understand people who don’t!

The correct way to apply mascara is to wiggle the wand into the roots of your lashes and gently zig-zag them through, making sure to brush out any clumps with a lash comb. This mascara works wonders with one coat, but the jury’s out if it’s Better Than Sex

Favourite hair care product?

In my misguided youth, I was convinced that if a product was premium priced, it would solve all my hair related problems. How very wrong I was! Lush’s American Cream conditioner has since converted me. It smells heavenly, of strawberries and cream- hence the name! What really won me over was just how amazing my hair feels after using it! My hair tends to be on the frizzy side of long and thick, but American Cream has a way of smoothing it and making it more manageable!

Favourite perfume?

Insolence by Guerlain. This is a concoction that is ultra-feminine and very sexy. I can only describe it as sex in a bottle! You need a healthy dose of confidence to wear this, which makes it perfect for a game of seduction. I just adore the way it makes me feel, so I save it for special occasions. It’s very French and very self-assured, which is an odd way to describe a perfume; but, it’s a powerful scent. This is one you have to test to understand what I mean!

Why did you start blogging?

Part naivety and part creativity. I was sixteen, or seventeen, years old and had just discovered the likes of Jenna Marbles and Kingsley on YouTube. I loved their raw honesty and the way they made me laugh- and I do mean laugh! The kind where you have to hold your stomach and catch your breath.

I suppose I was a little inspired, because I wanted to relate to people and I wanted them to relate to me. I didn’t have the confidence or personality of Jenna or Kingsley, so I wanted to blog about something that was me. I settled on football in the end, and I rather enjoyed it! I was successful too, which I am quite proud of. Alas, I started university and soon other things occupied my time. And when I decided to get back to blogging, I was passionate about different aspects of my life.

What do you love most about blogging?

I love having a platform where I can share my innermost thoughts and musings with the world, whether they may be about travel, current affairs or my favourite beauty products. It pushes me creatively and stylistically, and lately I’m loving that I feel confident in writing about things that are a little more personal.

Favourite celebrity style?

Emmanuelle Alt, without a shadow of a doubt. She is the most Parisian of us all in my opinion, and I admire her greatly. What I love about her is her ‘uniform’. A button-down shirt, jeans and a pair of heels are so often her outfit of choice and she somehow makes something so simple look so elegant. As this is a combination I have often turned to, she has given me the confidence to wear it with pride- before I truly discovered fashion, I felt shy about wearing the same combination so frequently as I thought people would mock me. But, now I channel my inner Emmanuelle Alt every time. If it works for VOGUE Paris’ Editor-in-Chief, it works for me!

Must follow on Instagram?

Audrey, from Frassy. She was one of the first bloggers I ever discovered, and I cannot tell you how much I love her. She is so inspiring and a truly empowering woman! I aim to be as honest as her one day when it comes to my blog. She’s an old-school blogging powerhouse that way- a very no-nonsense kind of girl! Her Instagram is a careful curation of very beautiful photos, but sheer honesty. It’s incredible that she can combine fashion with politics and body image, showing the two can co-exist. I am woman, and I can post about both my political standings and that cute pair of shoes I bought!

Lipstick or lipgloss?

I am going to be brutally honest now- I absolutely despise lipgloss. I never saw the appeal, even as a young girl. I wore it, but that’s because my mother refused to let me wear lipstick, only the brightest pink gloss. The texture is awful, and my long hair constantly sticks to it! It makes a right mess and I hate my lips looking shiny!

Now, the humble lipstick, that is more to my liking! It’s just so timeless and ladylike. Applying it is a sacred ritual and oh, there are so many to choose from! But, of course, nine times out of ten, I will choose a classic red.

Et toi?

Imaan, Lindsay, Lois, Sinéad – I think this tag is one you’ll like! Time to spill your secrets!

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Which beauty blogger do you always turn to for beauty advice?
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