It’s rather fascinating, isn’t it? Having a nosy and seeing what someone else carries in their bag; picking through the different things each of us needs on a day-to-day basis. Of course, my bag tends to change as often as my bank balance will allow. But, the ever changing-nature of my job, now that plays by a different rulebook altogether. As the Director of a Branding and Marketing business, these are just the essentials.

Business cards

If there’s zips and slots in my handbag you can guarantee there are business cards tucked away in there. Some are mine, but most are accumulated in my day-to-day life. I cannot emphasise just how crucial a business card is. Even if you think you do not need one, there is a strong likelihood that you actually do. It’s a neat little way to leave people with something to remember you by, something that isn’t your name and email hastily scribbled on a napkin. And there are so many wonderful designs- how quirky are these bru ones?


One of my favourite things about the Olympus EPL-7 is how compact it is for the stunning photographs you can snap with it. I tend to use this most of the time, even for Instagram, because, well, I suppose that’s what life is like when you specialise in Social Media. Currently, it houses a range of photographs from Flat Whites to a Bridal Shower to flatlays. Naturally, I used it to take this photo so here’s my old Canon instead.


For confidence and courage, of course. There’s just something je ne sais quoi about CHANEL No5, and I cannot think of a single situation that hasn’t been vastly improved with a bit of CHANEL.


Or rather, lipsticks. Emphasis on the plural. I seem to accumulate a new lipstick every time I go shopping, and they start off in a neat row on my bedside table before eventually ending up in depths of my handbag. There are two that can be found without fail, however; Pillowtalk by Charlotte Tilbury and Gabrielle by CHANEL.


Continue d’avancer – keep going. A little motivation never goes amiss, and being the self-proclaimed Parisienne that I am, these few words lend a helping hand when I need it most.

Notebook & Pen

Despite the technological world we live in, it’s surprising how often I find myself reaching for my notebook and pen, especially when it comes to meetings. As a self-professed stationery addict, I’ve been stockpiling this bullet variety from Monograph. It’s such a beautiful design and sleek enough to fit in my bag.


Although, let’s be honest for just a minute here. This usually starts off in my pocket before migrating to my hand for the rest of the day.


If we’re being pedantic, this is just my little one that I use most days. It was a present and quite honestly, it’s perfect! Ted Baker is one of my favourites when it comes to British fashion, and I love the classic design of this purse. I tend to keep just the essentials in it and save my big purse with my one million loyalty cards in for shopping trips!


Small confession, I am definitely one of those people that wears sunglasses at every opportunity I can. I do find that my eyes are very sensitive to light, but I feel like this rose gold pair just add a touch of glamour to my outfit… and hide my tired eyes before I’ve had my morning coffee! They are a bit battered now, so ignore the many marks…


I think I must have one of these tubs everywhere! In my make-up bag, in my bathroom, in the glove compartment… but this limited edition Lulu Guinness Doll Face variety is too cute to leave behind!


If I had a choice between my phone and my watch… I would probably have a nervous breakdown. The few times I have forgotten my watch at home seem to end in disastrous days, especially as it’s still my instinct to check my wrist for the time. Fossil is undoubtedly my favourite brand when it comes to watches; the design and quality is unparalleled. I bought this Q Wander last time- I decided it was high time to say goodbye to my previous Fossil watch that I had worn for ten years! It’s one of those fancy smart watches, but I love that it resembles a classic analogue watch. Nothing beats the classics!

And on a final note… has anyone seen my earphones? I can’t seem to find them anywhere!