It’s a rather strange notion, that for someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, it’s my favourite time of year. Well, when I say don’t celebrate it, I mean religiously. When you grow up in England, Christmas is an important part of the year. It grips the country in its magical grasp until everyone is belting Bublé or crooning like Carey. The festivities started rather early this year for me, no thanks to work, so without any more delay… it’s brumas!

Work hard, play hard. It’s true what they say. Crafting the perfect Christmas menu is bittersweet; of course, tasting and testing potential menu items is always fun. On the other hand, and this for all of you who ask me what entails running a coffee shop, there are ingredients to source and recipes to cost up. A photography session must be booked in (would you believe that this can take a whole day?) and promotional material needs to be designed. It’s oddly frustrating that despite this being our biggest campaign, it’s also the shortest, running for just under two months! There is a lot of work that goes in behind the scenes, so, when customers share Instagram photographs and tell me how much they enjoyed their bru, it is far more rewarding than you can imagine!

Behind the scenes

Now, what is there instore this year, I hear you cry! Sit down and prepare for a festive, indulgent treat!


Cookies & Cream Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Christmas at bru is rather neatly summed up with the return of ho-ho-hot chocolate, all in festive flavours! Two have returned by popular demand.

Cookies & Cream is a sure-fire winner. Classic hot chocolate is mixed with a chocolate cookie flavour and topped luxuriously with whipped cream and an Oreo cookie. It’s all the deliciousness of chocolate and cookies in one jar!

Tis the season for Terry’s and the Orange Hot Chocolate is infused with orange syrup, and once again, topped off with whipped cream and of course, a piece of Terry’s Chocolate Orange. There is no doubt as to why this is a firm favourite!

My personal favourite is the Black Forest Hot Chocolate! I wanted this one to be perfect, as it is one of my all-time favourite Christmas specials! I particularly love the red sugar pearls and chocolate pieces we’re topping this hot chocolate with! Fruit and chocolate really does get you in the festive spirit!


Gingerbread Latte


Now, it is no secret that I live on a healthy diet of Flat Whites. Quite a contrast to the lattes I used to drink like water, once upon a time! But, it must be said, Gingerbread Lattes are a season staple. How adorable are the mini gingerbread men sprinkles?

Coffee and chocolate do make a great pairing. Throw some frosted mint in there and a Matchmaker on top and voila, you have the Mint Mocha! I have a feeling this would be the ideal drink to have before embarking upon Christmas shopping…


Festive Waffle Pops

Waffle Pops

Oh, now I had a lot of fun with these little delights! Waffle Pops are a signature dessert at bru, and with Christmas around the corner, it seemed only fitting to throw some festivities at them! If you look closely, you’ll see they pair up perfectly with our hot drinks…

Cookies & Cream is filled with warm milk chocolate and even drenched in it! Crumbled Oreo cookie is sprinkled on top and to add a bit of decadence, it’s served with a scoop of Cookies and Cream Gelato!

ChocOrange oozes melted orange Matchmakers and is topped with milk chocolate. It comes with a piece of Terry’s Chocolate Orange and a scoop of Double Chocolate Gelato! I may or may not have made this one several times… just to get the ratio of Matchmakers right, I assure you…

Full Minty (yes, I credit myself as a genius for coming up with this name) boasts a mint Matchmaker filling and crumbled mint Aero pieces as a topping. And yes, this comes with Double Chocolate Gelato too!

Behind the scenes

Cakes & Gelato

I could describe each cake and each new Gelato, but, I won’t. All I will say is… Caramel Biscoff Gelato; Chocolate Orange Brownie; Black Forest Gâteau; Mint Chocolate Torte… have I piqued your interest yet?

Christmas has landed in all bru cafes across the nation as of 7 November 2017! Now you have read all about it, all that is left for you to go and try these tasty treats all for yourself! Don’t forget to share your snaps with me, so I can see you enjoy your bru! Simply tag bru and use the hashtag #itsbrumas !

Behind the scenes

Happy Brumas!


Biscoff Gelato


Orange Hot Chocolate


Chocolate Orange Brownie


Mint Mocha

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