Happy Autumn! It is my favourite season, so you can only imagine my joy at being tagged in this by the lovely Emily! (She also tagged me in her Harry Potter post– she clearly knows all the good tags!) I think I am borderline Winter now, so this may now be somewhat irrelevant… scratch that, Autumn is still relevant. At least to me, anyway. And hopefully to you, if you are reading this.

What signifies Autumn to you?

When the cold weather begins to settle in, and the days get shorter as the leaves begin to change colour… there’s just something different about the way London looks when Autumn arrives! Dear old Phil Collins was certainly correct when he said there was something in the air tonight.

What is the best way to spend a rainy day?

I suppose this one is rather subjective, but, as odd as it may seem, I hate to be at home on rainy days! I much prefer being tucked away in a cosy coffee shop, with a pot of tea and a good read.

Perhaps it’s a little odd, and I’m certainly not one for dramatics, but, I rather enjoy watching the rain from the window. No, not with a moody soundtrack, I find it soothing, almost therapeutic in a way. Does anyone else do this or am I the odd one out?

What is your most fond autumn memory?

Before I embarked on an adventure with Bru Coffee & Gelato, I was a Costa Coffee faithful. That is to say, a franchisee (yes, I know, can you believe it?). One of our locations was in Oakham; a quaint little English village just outside of Leicester.

Oakham is a beautiful place, and the store itself was definitely my favourite out of the twelve or thirteen that we owned. It was almost like a decent sized cottage, with a wide wooden door and old-fashioned window framed. A couple of years ago, I remember spending the day there to do some HR work with the Store Manager. On my lunch break, I went for a little wonder around the village; through the church courtyard and around the grounds of the private school to a charming little bakery where I bought iced buns.

Later that day, when the sun began to set and the chill began to rise, there was a warmth in the store as I sipped my Gingerbread Latte, and the windows frosted over. In that moment, I genuinely appreciated the beauty of Autumn in England.

What is your favourite autumn scent?

Oh dear, this is where I am going to sound quite boring and maybe even like a cliché! It must be said, whilst I now despise Gingerbread Lattes, they smell like Autumn to me!

Coffee has become such a huge part of my life over the last ten years or so, and the scent of it always takes me back to fond memories. Back when the smell of coffee at home meant Papa was back from work; when my best friend Jessica and I used to keep ourselves warm with mochas in our hands; when weekends were spent in Northampton because a store was short staffed.

Recently, as I’ve spent quite a lot of time working in Central London and dashing up and down Oxford Street, the smell of freshly roasted chestnuts has become a firm favourite, too. Nothing warms you up mid-shopping like roasted chestnuts from a street vendor!

What are you most excited about this Autumn?

Without meaning to be emotional, I am actually looking forward to spending Autumn with my family for the first time in a long time! Having spent the last few years either at university or working in London, I have only spent the odd holidays here and there with my parents and younger siblings. I always associate the colder months as a time of togetherness, so it’s lovely to be able to do that this time around!

What is your favourite Autumn song?

Confession, I didn’t think there were any Autumn songs! However, for me, the real songs of Autumn are the sounds of this lovely season. The crunch of leaves; the rustle of trees; the wind blowing; the rain hammering down; and the cries of “it’s cold today”.

What is your favourite Autumn movie?

It has been a long time since I saw this film, so, excuse me if I’m wrong! I can’t explain why, when I read this question, When Harry Met Sally immediately sprung to mind.

What TV show are you most looking forward to this Autumn?

The Apprentice, without a shadow of a doubt! Yes, the candidates get considerably worse each and every year, but, this is a tradition in the Dadabhoy household! Every Wednesday, Papa and I religiously watch this programme together! And I do mean religiously.

Last year, I was staying with my grandparents in London. Halfway through an episode, my grandad opened the bathroom window to smoke, thus cutting the Sky signal (don’t ask how this works). Papa actually FaceTimed me with the television, just so I could watch!


What is your favourite Autumn colour?

Oh, I love orange and red. I know some people associate Christmas with red, and I do, too. Yet, I believe red lipstick was definitely made for Autumn! And the orange bru cups match wonderfully with the changing leaves!

What is your most loved outdoor Autumn activity?

Talking a stroll through the park. It really is as simple as that. All you need is a hot chocolate and good company in a nice, big park. Preferably one with plenty of leaves to crunch through and adorable dogs to pet.

What is your favourite Autumn fashion trend?

My inner Parisienne is screaming about leather jackets, and whilst I have been known to try and attempt them in summer, it must be said that Autumn and leather jackets are a match made in heaven! Throw a white shirt underneath, swipe on some red lipstick and voila!

I’m rarely seen without my black one I bought from Hugo Boss. I did pay a few hundred pounds for it, but I have worn it for over three years and so often, it was worth every penny and I refuse to part with it- ever!

If you could have a familiar/ spirit animal, what would it be?

I do love a good cat, but otters are my new and favourite animal obsession. Mainly because they spend half their time looking for food, and the other half eating. That sounds about right, don’t you think?

Name one place you wish you could visit during Autumn?

It is my life ambition to see as many major European cities in their Autumn glory. I don’t know if this is just in my head, but Autumn feels like a very European thing to me. Paris, Munich, Prague… you name it, I want to visit it during Autumn! (Sorry, American friends, but, I am not a fan of anything pumpkin related so I don’t think I’d fare well over the pond!)

What is your favourite photo you took last Autumn?

I took a photo (and uploaded it to Instagram, of course) of St. James’ Park in London last Autumn, on my twenty-third birthday, now that I think of it. It was just a lovely and serene Sunday, and I was walking around London with a friend after we enjoyed a spot of birthday brunch. Quite honestly, there’s nothing quite like London in the months leading up to Christmas.

What are you being this Halloween?

Stressed and coffee obsessed! I didn’t share my chocolate, but, I did bring in these adorable bat shaped sprinkles to bru!

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Here are some Autumn questions for you:

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  6. Is there one thing you would change about Autumn?
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