It’s all part of the morning routine, isn’t it? Spending a precious few minutes to put on a healthy dose of moisturiser and sunscreen. Skincare is rather important, but it should equally be part of our night-time routine, too. Our bodies tend to a lot of tasks while we snooze away, which is why a good skincare routine before you curl up under the covers will go a long way.

Simplicity is often the best method when it comes to skincare, so those ten step Korean routines can remain on blog articles, thank you very much. Too much product can be too abrasive on skin, as can rubbing and scrubbing vigorously, so I believe in finding a small number of the products that are right for you. Of course, what I use may be completely unsuitable for the next person, so a little trial and error is always necessary. And while it is certainly true I have a penchant for life’s luxuries, your skin care does not need to break the bank, so by no means are you limited to high-end beauty counters! You simply have to find what works for you!

Without further ado, here is how I take care of my skin at night.

Step 1: Remove make-up

I confess, I do wear make-up every day. How much tends to vary, and I am currently in favour of the natural look most days. My skin is oily and blemish-prone, so I am quite self-conscious about how my face looks without make-up. So, in the interest of balance and good skincare, and believe me, I have learnt this lesson the hard way, under no circumstance should you go to bed with make-up on. It is as every bit terrible for your skin as they say!

I cannot fault Garnier’s Micellar Water when it comes to removing eye make-up and whilst this normal bottle certainly gets the job done, I quite like the Oil Infused variety, too. Yes, I know have oily skin, so, hear me out. The oil in the cleanser helps remove every scrap of eye make-up, including waterproof mascara and Kat Von D’s famous tattoo eyeliner. It’s gentle on skin and the bottle will last you quite some time. Considering its affordable price tag, this is definitely where to budget on your skincare!


Step 2: Cleanse

Garnier’s Micellar Water works just as well with removing foundation and other products likewise, but I have recently been using Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanser. This is a two-part cleanser (in case the name escapes you); one side of the tub being a solid cleansing balm, and the other a cleansing cream. The theory behind this is that the balm removes anything ‘superficial’, whilst the cream then goes in for cleaning your actual skin.

The balm is excellent at removing general grime from your face, sadly, I found it to be rather ineffective on eye make-up. You apply it on dry skin, rubbing it and then washing it off. Then, in steps the cream which again you, wash off. The end result is a face that is as clean as a whistle, and prepped for any further steps in your routine, but, no tight or dry skin in sight.


Step 3: Moisturise

The final part of the process is to lock in moisture for your skin to reap the rewards of while you drift off. This is probably the most expensive part of my routine, but, there is a good explanation for this- these products work.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Eye Rescue has become a firm favourite of mine and whilst it may not make your purse strings sing, it will stop you spending millions on concealers and various under-eye solutions. This is the only product you will need from now on! All it takes is the tiniest amount of product (and I do mean tiny) dabbed gently under your eyes. I saw results in a mere few days. My dark circles were diminished and the whole area just looked lighter and brighter. And, if we are to be basic bloggers here, not only will it make your eyes sparkle, but your vanity, too. So, it’s an investment.

For my skin, I like to use another treat from Pixi; the Overnight Glow Serum. Squeeze a couple of drops on your face and massage in. In the morning, your skin will look radiant and healthy! I only do this a couple of days a week- active ingredients should certainly not be used every day.

A good moisturiser is a must and currently, I’m enjoying Effaclar Duo by La Roche-Posay. Any beauty blogger worth her buck knows that French pharmacy brands are belle du jour simply because they are fabulous. La Roche-Posay is my favourite because the products are made for sensitive skin and my oily, acne-prone skin has always responded well to this brand. I normally this on after the serum, if I’m using both.

It must be said; good skincare starts from within. You can slap on La Mer (which costs an absolute bomb at £120) and slather yourself in heavy-duty foundation, but, your routine is only as good as your skin. We all suffer from problems, whether it be acne, dry patches, or uneven skin tone. All the products in the world won’t make a difference if you do not take care of yourself. Here is some parting skincare advice of my own.

Drink your water and eat your vegetables

Early to bed and early to rise; that is to say, allow yourself 6-8 hours of sleep at night

Switch off from mobile and television screens at least forty-five minutes before turning in

Take vitamin supplements if necessary

Consult a skincare specialist if you think something is wrong